Golden Peak High School has not only anticipated my enthusiastic future but also succumbed me as an ameliorative and inquisitive disciple. I still reminisce my those incipient days in this school where I was just a ordinary girl who have enormous dreams willing to achieve. Eventually, now after 6 years, Golden Peak has transmogrified my whole perspective towards every marginal activity that I do to make my dream come true. This school has made me realize that every glorious success requires equal hard work, passion, fervor and vigor.

The intimate and sound environment, intellectual teaching staffs, for by staffs and the most innovative students are the fascinating parts of this school. Golden Peak does not only exist inside the boundaries of academic superiority but also is renowned for its creative activities and programs in which students learned to be extra ordinary. In a nutshell, Golden Peak has explicitly proven that it is one of the best educational institutions where students are not only taught to be doctors and engineers but also a complete good human being.