Dear Parents/Guardians, students, community members and all well wishers,
Greetings and a very warm welcome to Golden Peak High School (GPHS). It is not a hidden fact that practical education with a quality based teaching and learning environment is a demand of all parents as well as students in twenty first century. It is only possible through the reform in the existing education system with knowledge and skill based teaching-learning environment. I have no hesitation to assert that GPHS has a good tradition of excellence in all facets of student life and career. GPHS has been in the journey of imparting quality education for last 25 years and we are equally committed to take more height in the days ahead. Moreover, GPHS will not compromise the quality of education that helps its students to be competent enough in national and international arena.
With a clear mission and vision to impart quality education, we, at GPHS follow a dynamic education system with modern teaching and learning methods to meet the aspirations of the students as well as the parents. Thus, we strongly believe that our teaching methods assure the students to fill the gap among to know, to understand and to be.
Our teachers are focusing on helping every student to achieve every single day and single moment. At GPHS, we are passionate about grooming leaders of the future who are not only professional with academic excellence but also good human beings with moral values and social attitudes. In this sense, our best effort is to prepare and support our students to be life-long learners and to challenge them move further for achieving their aspirations.
GPHS is a student centered learning platform where students learn how to learn by involving in various social activities with positive thinking and ethical values. Therefore, our teaching and learning activities based on individual accountability, knowledge sharing, leadership and personality development, participatory learning, presentation skills, skill building, technology friendly and life skills for career development.
Finally, as parents and well-wishers, you are always very welcome to be a part of our humble effort of shaping our students into well-cultured, well-mannered and sociable good citizens of the nation. We always welcome your constructive suggestions, new ideas and supportive effort for the good of the institutions and its students. I would like to thank you for your tireless cooperation and perpetual trust in us.

Chhatra Mani Rai