Narconon Nepal is a rehabilitation centre, an INGO,  that works to reduce the use of drugs in the society. It also brings drug abusers back to their normal life. For the exploration of ‘drug abuse’ and ‘drug abusers’, our school took students from grade 8 and 9 to ‘Narconon Nepal’, Budhanilkantha. This exploration was an activity needed to be performed for the Project:“Say No to Drugs”. The students from our national partner school, Shanti Vidya Griha, also joined us.

We moved from our school at around 10:30 am and reached there at around 12:00 pm. When we reached, it was the time for the students of ‘Narconon Nepal’ to have meal. So, the staff did not let us in. To spend some time positively, we went to visit Budhanilkanta temple. We worshipped gods and goddesses in the temple and clicked some group photographs there.

After that, we went back to Narconon Nepal. We saw a lot of turkeys there. We were treated properly and they gave us knowledge about different topics such as introduction to drug abuse, causes, effects, prevention and many more. The security system was really tight so that none of the drug abusers could flee away. Then, we went to see inside the building where the drug abusers were taking training. There were different stages of that training.

After visiting around the building, we sat together and asked different questions to the staff who were showing us around. After those questions it was made clear that Narconon Nepal have only male drug users and no female drug users. It was male based INGO. Then they gave us cup-cakes to eat with cold drinks which was really delicious.

Finally, we arrived back to school at around 3:15pm. It was a very good experience. We enjoyed a lot and got a lot of information regarding causes, impacts and solutions of drug abuse. I am very happy to have got a chance for a visit to Narconon Nepal.

Miss Lazana Shrestha

Grade 8, 2076 BS


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