1.Shree Shubha Chamunda Secondary School, Kavre, Nepal


As In country learning partner of Golden Peak High School, Shubha Chamunda Secondary School worked collaboratively it in the BC ISA Project (2018/19) “Study of Urban and Rural Rivers of Nepal”. The focus of this project was to make the students aware of water pollution and ways of maintaining sanitation in water bodies like rivers, lakes, streams, etc.

2.Shanti Vidhya Griha, Lainchaur, Kathmandu

Golden Peak high School and Shanti Vidhya Griha worked collaboratively in the BC ISA Project (2019/20) “Say No to Drugs”. In this project, students of both schools managed reciprocal visits to schools and conducted different programs like organizing rally, visiting rehab center, preparing field reports, presenting findings, etc in order to generate awareness against drug abuse.