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Our Mission

We provide quality education to create a new generation of leaders and professionals with a caring and responsible attitude to society.

In the second place, we grant practical knowledge and skills based on the latest curriculum to establish high academic standards which will give access to prepare our students, global citizens.

We focus on introducing a sense of discipline, moral values and character building along with developing intellectual faculty through education.

Furthermore, We raise them to be expert unlike, depend on rote learning plus, exam cramming for their education. As a result, Students will learn to passionate for lifelong learning and courageous to strive for academic excellence.


Our Vision

To provide global education, prepare our students as a global citizens.

Raise them as a global citizen by equipping with a high-quality broad-based education.

For example, focusing on holistic development and intercultural understanding raise our students to form a peaceful and better world.



What Parents are Saying?

“I am very happy that my child is progressing day by day beside that, the way the school respects parents’ feedback is outstanding.”

Mina Rai

Shreya Rai's Mother

“One of the Best School in Kathmandu. I enrolled my nephew in this School. Previously, he was very poor in his studies and discipline. Presently, he is doing great. In fact, he is elected as Student Council Member (2076). What a transformation!! Thank you GPHS.”

Rambabu Thapa

Suraj Khadka's Uncle

“I am happy that GPHS has helped my child learn the depth in the learning process moreover, its implementation for better life”

Puskar Mishra

Prapti Mishra's Father

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