Imparting quality education to learners at present assures wellbeing in their future life. Multi-disciplinary philosophical, theoretical and practical learning transferred to students with innovative technology and methodologies at present not only make them knowledgeable people but also skilled, ethical, responsible and accountable professionals in the future. Nurturing knowledge, skill, attitude and performance of learners coupled with instilling positive attitude and behaviour in them at present assists them to live a quality life in the future.

Founded 1991

Golden Peak High School is an English medium school established in 1991 A.D. It is located at a very convenient place at Saraswatinagar, Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Ward No 6, Kathmandu. The school has a stimulating, vibrant and genial environment for teaching-learning. There is enough space/ground for extra co-curricular activities. This institution is established with sole iron determination for imparting quality education to the students. 

Golden peak prides itself in being one of the best schools in Kathmandu. We provide Life-wide Quality Education with excellence to create a new generation of leaders and professionals with a caring and responsible attitude to society, inside and outside the typical spectrum.

Our Vision

To develop Golden Peak High School as a believed high-ranking ideal school in Nepal providing a foundation of responsible global citizens with multidimensional capabilities focusing on holistic development.

“Life-wide Education for holistic development”

Our Mission

To achieve qualitative results by addressing objectives of the national curriculum, socio-educational needs and interest of the learners with the help of devoted professionals and congenial school environment in terms of physical, psychological and educational aspects.


  • Level-wise separate blocks and spacious well-furnished classrooms
  • Interactive learner-centred teaching-learning methods and activities
  • Interactive audio-visual classes
  • Well-equipped laboratories
  • The regular subject-wise project works, presentation classes and vocational as well as practical training programs
  • Pragmatic education with life skills such as leadership skills, presentation skills, communicative skills, etc. required for personality development
  • Moral education and ethical values to prepare cultured global citizens of the future
  • Occasional classes related to counselling, motivating, time management, positive thinking, behavioural change, etc. from professionals and experts of the respective sector
  • The physical, mental and emotional development of the students through academic excellence and a wide range of ECAs/CCAs
  • Hostel facility with separate buildings for male and female students in a homey environment
  • Separate spacious playgrounds for junior and senior students
  • Student Council and clubs for students’ leadership development
  • Involvement in social works for the development of the students’ humanity, empathy and philanthropy
  • Linking student’s learning with competence and performance
  • Making learning fun through gamification
  • VAK approaches and The Three Es of facilitation
  • Thematic, Integrated and STEAM education


  • To provide quality school education
  • To recognize individual talent and provide an opportunity to explore it
  • To develop students as self-directed learners
  • To meet maximum needs and expectations of all stakeholders
  • To meet the level-wise needs of the students through educational/instructional activities
  • To lay maximum emphasis on life-wide education and leadership development
  • To promote applied and multidimensional learning with holistic development of the students
  • To promote positive transformation of learning
  • To provide the foundation for preparing responsible global citizens with leadership and capability of adapting in diverse/different environments and situation
  • To establish Golden Peak as a learning platform for creative, behavioural/practical and positive thinking
  • To make learning fun rather than a burden/stress


  • Respecting Diversity, Coping in Adversity
  • Team Spirit, Collaboration and Cooperation
  • Compassion and Empathy
  • Morality, Integrity and Spirituality
  • Respect and gratefulness
  • Responsibility, Accountability and Credibility
  • Honesty and Sincerity
  • Positive Thinking, Motivation and Inspiration
  • Continual Enhancement for Positive Vibration
  • Committed for Academic Excellence
  • Humanity and Philanthropy
  • Continual Improvement for Positive Change


What Parents are Saying?

“I am very happy that my child is progressing day by day beside that, the way the school respects parents’ feedback is outstanding.”

Mina Rai

Shreya Rai's Mother

“One of the Best School in Kathmandu. I enrolled my nephew in this School. Previously, he was very poor in his studies and discipline. Presently, he is doing great. In fact, he is elected as Student Council Member (2076). What a transformation!! Thank you GPHS.”

Rambabu Thapa

Suraj Khadka's Uncle

“I am happy that GPHS has helped my child learn the depth in the learning process moreover, its implementation for better life”

Puskar Mishra

Prapti Mishra's Father

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