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Golden peak prides in being one of the top school in Kathmandu. We provide Lifewide Quality Education with excellence to create a new generation of leaders and professionals with a caring and responsible attitude to society, inside and outside the typical spectrum. Make a right decision for your child by choosing the best school near you.


Our News & Announcements

Here are the latest news and event updates from GPHS. Please tune in to get updated.

Grade Nine Educational Tour

Grade Nine Educational Tour

Grade IX students of Golden Peak High School(GPHS) had been to educational tour of Lumbini and Chitwan.Students observed Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha with the rich past culture and history. Similarly, they observed and enjoyed the flora and fauna of Chitwan...

Visit to Doko Recylers-2076

Visit to Doko Recylers-2076

The students of grade 8 visited Material Recovery Facility (MRF) of Doko Recyclers, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur as the part of their field visit for their project 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). The major objective of this visit was to make the students familiar with solid...


Our Upcoming Events & Activities



Third Terminal Result Distribution

Golden Peak High School(GPHS) family is going to distribute  the “THIRD TERMINAL RESULT-2076” on 18th of January(4th of Magh-Saturday) at School premises from 8:00 A.M to 11 A.M.


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GPHS Third Terminal Examination

As on our Course Curriculum Activity(CCA),Our Third Terminal Examination is going to be conducted from 17th of Poush 2076-Thrusday at Golden Peak High School(GPHS) premises.

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Golden Peak High School will be organizing one of the greatest event of the educational year 2076 B.S as “GOLDEN JAMBOREE-2020” on 10th of falgun Saturday

Event Info

Golden Peak High School will be organizing one of the greatest event of the educational year 2076 B.S as “GOLDEN JAMBOREE-2020” on 10th of falgun Saturday

Our School

Facilities and Organizations

Occasional classes related to counseling, motivating, time management, positive thinking, behavioral change, etc from professionals and experts of the respective sector. 

Introduction to GPHS

Golden Peak High School (GPHS) is a Top school in Kathmandu valley established with the sole iron determination of providing excellence in teaching. Learning with quality education and practical knowledge. At Golden Peak High School, the students are facilitated and instructed by highly professional and experienced teaching faculty with motivation and inspiration, focusing on Quality education with excellence, Leadership with practical knowledge, Innovation and Technology, and Extracurricular Activities. Recognized as one of the top school in Kathmandu by the parents GPHS has been providing its services since 1991 A.D in Saraswatinagar, Chabhil, Kathmandu. Click here to follow our facebook page for daily news and posts.

Academic Standards

We provide ‘Lifewide Education’ to create a new generation of leaders and professionals with a caring and responsible attitude to society. We impart knowledge and skills based on latest curriculum through modern teaching-learning approaches to establish high academic standards which will give an access to prepare our students global citizens.

Extracurricular Activities

We believe that the students active in creative arts, like music, drama and visual arts tend to be open-minded, eccentric and think outside of the box. Student get knowledge during regular classes and practice those knowledge during Extracurricular Activities.

Technology In the Classroom

We are dedicated to make our student competitive by providing them the access to latest technology with proper tools and also by incorporating effective and efficient methods for teaching.


From Our Principal

Dear Parents/Guardians, students, community members and all well wishers, Greetings and a very warm welcome to Golden Peak High School (GPHS). It is not a hidden fact that practical education with a quality based teaching and learning environment is a demand of all parents as well as students in twenty first century. So,  GPHS has specially designed courses and activities to make students the best in every field they continue when they are in school and also after they finish the school.

– Chhatra Mani Rai


What Parents are Saying

"I am very happy that my child is progressing day by day and the way the school respects parents' feedback is outstanding."

Mina Rai

Shreya Rai's Mother

"One of the Best School in Kathmandu, I enrolled my nephew on this School. He was very poor in his studies and discipline. Now, he is elected as Student Council Member (2076). What a transformation!! Thank you GPHS."

Rambabu Thapa

Suraj Khadka's Uncle

"I am happy that GPHS has helped my child learn the depth in the learning process and its implementation for better life"

Puskar Mishra

Prapti Mishra's Father

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