Namaste and good morning each and every kind soul present at this assembly. As you all know I am your beloved school president and going to be a former soon. Today is apparently the last chapter for all of us of our high school book. This book took 13 years of our life in its making an I would still love to start it all over again.

When I glance at the beginning of this book I see myself as a stubborn child spoiled, rotten and pampered by my seniors. I truly am grateful to all the teachers who could handle all my tantrums then. And let’s not forget Bimala Yonghang who became a second mom to not only me but most of us here. Sabita sister, Purna ma’am, cook dai, Kumari didi were all here since the very first page. I am so happy that they also are included in my last page.

Who could ever forget the iconic Samjhana ma’am and just like runway model Birsana ma’am. Today I can speak Infront of huge mass due to them. Kapil sir also has to get some credits for my English language. I will truly miss all the dance competition I went with my team alongside Raj sir who made enabled us to conquer the victory. I know all the basketball players of this batch will surely miss Amrit sir and Anish dai who helped them evolve into accomplished players. Even though Mehraj sir isn’t here, the student council will continue to miss his absence as the ECA coordinator. Also, I’d like to remember Mr. Bhim Raj Rai, Hostel in charge; a great father figure to many of the students living away from their homes. None of us will ever forget our exam coordinator and class teacher Tej Guru, the academic coordinator Mr. Bhandev sir, an extremely dedicated teacher. Rajendra sir, a free and easy-going teacher Rabindra sir, a true definition of hardwork and the most mischievous CM sir, silent but deadly Rina ma’am, the friendliest who doesn’t like wearing suit Milan sir and a great motivator Utsuk sir. They all will remain in our memories. I also think no one has ever seen the change the school had when we were little babies to a teen. And all the reason behind it is our school principal Mr. Chhatra Mani Rai and his management and IT teams.

The joy that this school has given me is truly remarkable. The Golden Peak family has been the reason of my Euphoria these past couple of years. I want to thank all the people of this school who made me cry an ocean. You people made this school life an extremely unforgettable experience.

While writing the speech I had an epiphany that this would be the last time I get to see faces of these wonderful children and the last time I get to speak Infront of the assembly as your school president. I hope that the student council carries its legacy forward to achieve greater success and all become leaders one day. I again want to thank my teachers from my childhood till date for teaching me not only subject matters but also teaching us how to become a better version of ourselves, I’d also like to thank the school for giving me such huge opportunities throughout my life. Appreciation also goes out to the non-teaching staff for taking care of me and you students for making me the school president and everything in general. I will miss each and every single second I spent here at school with you all.

Now signing off, your school president yall’ have a great journey ahead at Golden Peak High School.

Emonika Rai

Grade X

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