The day June 14 reminds every member of a family, every citizen of a nation, and every person of this world regarding the blood donation and its importance as this day is celebrated as World Blood Donor Day, worldwide. This day reminds every person of this world regarding their first step towards blood donation for saving life of people.

Blood donation played a major role in saving the human lives in the past years. It was a significant contribution to human lives. Many lives were saved due to sufficient blood donation while many lives were lost due to the lack of blood donation. The present age is the introducer to many calamities. Like in the past few years, coronavirus and its variant, omicron virus ruled over the world and took lives of the people. Some people lost their lives while some people were admitted in hospitals. Many lives were saved and many were not. The main cause for these to happen was blood donation.

It is true that blood donation has been become a difficult task as it is difficult to supply blood to every needy patient with the rapid growth of world population. The current world population is approximately 8 billion and among them, almost 150,000 people daily are victims of different disorders needing blood. But we have to contribute in blood donation as far as possible. As it is said, do not wait for others to get started, start on your own. If a person starts his/her own step forward towards blood donation without waiting others to do, his/her one step turns into a little contribution towards blood donation that may save up a life.

At last, blood donation is all about gifting life to other people. So, gift a life to other and donate blood. Finally, let’s celebrate this day, World Blood Donor Day, by saying “Safe blood, Saves lives”.

Rohit   Sharma   (Grade: 8)

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