Golden Peak High School has organized 3 days workshop (12-14 Jan, 2021) on ‘Designing the Future’ for its teaching and admin staff in order to enhance not only their professional development, but also their personal and familial welbeing. The internationally recognized trainer and workshop facilitator Mr. Sahadev Mahat facilitated the workshop with gusto in the jolly environment. The major focus of the workshop was to make Appreciative Inquiry (AI) as the part of daily life of its participants while working in different sectors and dealing with different people. The participants have been largely benefitted from the workshop for their personal growth and professional development. Besides, the take away of the workshop will largely be helpful for dealing with staff, parents/guardians and students with the use of AI. The crux of the workshop is that discovery, dreaming, designing and destiny/delivery are the major components of designing the future of any individual or institution. There will be the follow up coaching sessions of this workshop to assist its participants in the process of designing their personal, familial and professional life.

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