Boy! I just can’t believe this. After spending over a decade here in this beautiful place, all we got is just memories. The smell, the people, the faces, the learnings; in fact, every single little thing about this school is super special. It’s not easy to say good bye to this place. It’s overwhelming. However, we have to face the reality as this moment is apparently the last time, we’re speaking to you all. Hopefully, we’re going so have an official farewell shortly but this is definitely the last moment we’re all together at this assembly.

I, on behalf of grade 10, would like to extend our gratitude to all the teaching faculties who were there like shadows nurturing and beautifying our lives. In fact, we’d like to extend our gratitude to ever single individual out here; the security brothers at the gate, to Purna Ma’am at the account, Bimala Ma’am who made our childhood a real joy, to our mother figure Kala Ma’am , the director of the school, to the Principal Chhatra Sir, our father figure, to the always dedicated deputy Principal Bhandev Sir. I’m sorry if I missed any name. In fact, once again, I am choking on my emotions at the moment. Thank you so much for being there with us when we needed you. What we are going to carry with us is your divine reflection. Please bless us with love, care and courage to flight all the odds we are bound to face imminently.

Dali Sherpa

Grade X

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