Golden Experience
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Golden Peak has Transformed my Whole Perspective

Golden Peak High School has not only anticipated my enthusiastic future but also succumbed me as an ameliorative and inquisitive disciple. I still reminisce my those incipient days in this school where I was just an ordinary girl who have enormous dreams willing to achieve. Eventually, now after 6 years, Golden Peak has transmogrified my whole perspective towards every marginal activity that I do to make my dream come true. This school has made me realize that every glorious success requires equal hard work, passion, fervor and vigor.”

Bishnu Maya Karki

S.E.E Batch 2074

Golden Peak has sprawled positive spirit and positive attitude within every student

The solitude of darkness had always strangled my inner persona. I remember myself 10 years back reprimanding dark night. But today the same embroiled dark night has became one of my soul mates.Golden Peak, in this regard has altered my perspective towards every meticulous things. It has made me respect every tiny endeavor of our pristine nature and be one of the miniatures of it. The conducive environment, prowess teaching panel, cheerful staff and most importantly enthusiastic students of Golden Peak has sprawled positive spirit and positive attitude within every student. The curriculum of Golden Peak, not only focuses on academic excellence but also in overall development of students along with ethical and pragmatic values. Hence, I can proudly confront that Golden Peak has nurtured me to be competitive, social and good human being and has always reminded me that the purpose of my life is a life of purpose.

Phurba Sherpa

S.E.E Batch 2073