Bhan Dev Kapadi (Deputy Principal/ISA Coordinator)

The present world has become a global village due to the advancement in information, communication, and technology. The advancement in this technology has assisted mainly in collaboration in learning between/among nations throughout the globe. International collaboration in learning plays a vital role in exchanging cultures, modern educational trends, models of development, etc. between the nations in the 21st century.

The primary objective of collaboration in learning is to shape students of any country into global citizens. Golden Peak High School has embarked on the journey of international collaboration in learning in order to make its students’ global citizens in the future so that they could easily be familiar with global practices and trends of different sectors like education, culture, and development.

The need of the time is to make education applicable in solving different national and international problems. The United Nations Organization (UNO) has set seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and targeted to achieve them by 2030 AD. In this regard, the contribution of all countries of the world is essential.

The students of Golden Peak School are pretty familiar with these goals, and hence they are doing their best to contribute to achieving these goals. The slogan of the UNO in achieving SDGs is “Think globally, Act locally.” As per this motto of the UNO, the school has started working at the local level. It aims to contribute to the global theme of sustainability.

banner containing 17 SDGs

Sustainable development goals

We, at GPHs, are working for the promotion of personal health, hygienic food, environmental sanitation, cultural heritages, etc. In this regard, the school has been involved in international collaboration in learning by designing different school-level projects for its students based on the national curriculum of the country.

The school has designed the following projects:

  • “Three R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle,”
  •  “Our Monuments, Our Property,”
  • ” Healthy Body, Happy Life,”
  • ” Hygienic Food for Healthy Body,”
  • “Say No to Drugs,”
  • “Sustainable City,”
  • “Chill out with Yoga for Holistic Development of Our Body.”

These projects have been designed to be carried out with international partner schools of different countries like the UK, India, the USA, Italy, Afghanistan, etc. In these projects, students have been working in partnership with their respective international schools. It has helped them build their knowledge, understanding, and skill in collaboration with the students of international schools.

We have designed collaborative projects to render our small effort from the local level to the international goals in achieving them. The students are happy in such collaborative learning and have realized their responsibility for making global societies sustainable.

-Bhan Dev Kapadi ,Deputy Principal/ ISA Coordinator

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