Studying is tough. Whether you are good or average or poor in studying, you will surely face a problem in focusing on study.  Especially, during the exam time, you need to concentrate on your studies. Yet, an inappropriate environment, social media, time management or procrastination may distract you. Not only students but everyone might face this problem. Okay, it is easy to scold our juniors for not studying but when it comes to an individual, everyone does the same; Procrastination.

We all definitely struggle with the poorly time distractions. When we are worried about our exam and sits to focus on studying then within a  minute- Boommm!!! The very unrelated thoughts run inside the mind, you start watching people passing through the road, the latest film you have seen, even an advertisement on the TV seems very interesting, you get hungry too soon, going to the washroom frequently and so on. 

To avoid the above mentioned internal and external distractions, you can use different techniques and focus on your study. The techniques outlined below will help you maximize your focus on the study.

Find A Suitable Table

You need a good environment to optimize your focus on study. Deciding where you work best is an essential part of any successful studying session. Make sure the place where you study must be quiet.

This helps you to concentrate your mind towards study only. Sometimes, background noise also distracts your study. So, find a suitable environment to preserve your mind on the study. If your home environment is distracting, gather your study supplies and head over to a comfortable study spot.

Envision your Physical needs


If you’re studying intently, you’re going to get thirsty. Grab a refreshment foods before you open the book. You may even need an energy snack while you’re working, so grab some brain food, too. Use the bathroom, put on comfortable clothes (but not too cozy), and set the temperature that best suits you. If you anticipate your physical needs before you start studying, you’ll be less likely to get out of your seat and lose the focus you worked so hard to gain.

Collect all your study materials


Gather materials that you may require for your study and just focus on them. Searching for the highlighters or rulers or pen may reduce your interest in studying so, collect what you have and make yourself comfortable for studies.

Prepare a schedule and follow

Everything will be more effective when it is done according to a plan. Plus, Schools provide daily schedule plans for students. Following a schedule is as important as preparing it. Preparing a schedule helps you to maintain your confidence level. You don’t have to do at the same time every day; Versatility will help you from becoming burned out. Preparing a schedule will help to manage your study during vacation, parties, and outing.

Take a short break between studies

Studying continuously for hours causes dizziness. You need a break. It increases productivity and amusement. Give yourself a short break, after covering a chapter or a topic or a subject. You can either take a walk, eat some healthy snacks or even spend some time talking with friends. This helps you to be refreshed and be motivated through your studies.

Do group study

Some people study best with a group. Grab an opportunity to bounce ideas off of the person. Some people studying in a group may feel distracting. But is actually leads you to learn more. Whenever you are in a  group study, Learn from the one who is smarter than you and who don’t mind teaching you. Another benefit is you might feel competitive, as you see everyone else working hard.

Avoid distractions

The main factor for distraction is a cell phone. Also, radios, babies, family members, even pets can all be a distraction as well. These distractions need to be eliminated. Keep your cellphone away from your reach.

Music can help, but make sure it’s something that can be played on the background without grabbing your attention.

Don’t Panic

When you panic, you make mistakes. So, be calm throughout your study and no need to panic when the exam comes. Take some fresh air, confront yourself ” I can do this “, and calm down. Take things in a manageable way. Try to understand the circumstances if you’re having trouble understanding the concept. This should make the details easier to understand. 

Focus on skills, rather than grades

The most common mistake some students makes is focusing on grades more than on skills and learning. It’s easy to get caught up in a chasing grade but at the end of the day, the purpose of studying is about furnishing students with the skills and knowledge to contribute more effectively in the real world. Focusing on learning rather than a grade surely help you to reduce pressure. Remember, you’re here to learn and get knowledge, not necessarily ace an exam or a test.

Simplify your topics

If you are studying any subject, focus on the topics; the important one. Simplify your topics, especially the more complex ones into a digestible format. Review your notebook and try to condense them down to a page or two. Writing down on your notes and, breaking them into bite-sized pieces will help you remember the most important facts first.

Engage your body with mind.

Sometimes you learn best when your body is engaged along with your mind. They might feel energetic or refreshed. You can simply highlight some lines while studying. This makes you be focused on some important lines. Moving just your hand may be enough to shake off the jitters. Or Stretch rubber band, wrap it around your pen. Play with the band while answering questions. You can bounce a ball against the floor as you think of an answer. You can also jump while answering the questions.


Sit down and read a question, then stand and do jumping jacks. This will be useful to stay focused on studying for a long time. You can look at the mirror and answer the questions, this helps to build up your confidence and gain focus on study.

Answer your internal worry questions.

Sometimes distractions don’t come from the external world, they are within you. If you are worried about some particular issue- “What will happen if I fail?” , “What is my future?” – you might find yourself struggling to stay focused. Fortunately, there is a solution. It might be a little silly, but actually answering those internal questions will help to redirect your mind back to your study.


The above-mentioned techniques may help you to focus on your studies. Ultimately, there’s no quick, one-size-fits-all solution to staying focused while studying. Studying for an exam or a test can be a tough job, especially in the beginning phase. 

Was the article fruitful? Let us know if it helped you or not. Comment about what you felt about the article. Plus, Mentions the other steps you worked on focusing on study.

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