The second valley-wide Inter School Golden Peak Teej dance competition was won by Nagargun Valley Academy which was held at National Cultural Corporation. Shrijana Gyansagar School was able to become the first runner up of the dance competition and Kaushal Secondary school became second runner up of the competition.

In the second valley-wide inter-school golden peak dance competition Bright Angels School became fourth, AISA school became fifth, Amrit Boarding  School became sixth, Paradise Readers Academy become Seventh, Him Rishmi High School became eighth, Greenland school became ninth and Neric Academy became tenth.

 On the auspicious occasion of Teej the dance competition was held on which first, second, third, fourth and fifth position schools were also awarded with cash prize 15 thousand, 12 thousand, 8 thousand, 5 -5 thousand respectively to the winners.

According to Golden Peak High School Principal, Chhatra Mani Rai, Chief Guest of the closing/prize distribution programme, member of house of representative, Ram Kumari Jhakri distributed Certificate, medal and shield to the winner schools likewise the prize, medal certificates and shield were distributed by Writer Damodar Neupane, Journalist Ramkala Khadaka, journalist Kalika Siwakoti, Women right activist Laxmi Neupane, President of Valley PABSON Thakin Kumar Gurung and deputy president Ram K.C also distributed the prize.

According to the judging panel, Mr. Khadg Buda, Rekha Katuwal and Mahesh Godar, 29 schools of the valley took part in the inter-school golden peak valley-wide dance competition 2076. The programme was inaugurated by sub-Mayer of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Mrs. Hari Prabha Khadgi Shrestha by litting a lamp on Panas. To protect and promote the culture and tradition of Nepalese Teej and to show the patriotism towards the nation to show our forefathers tradition and culture, to show dedication on the education and for the overall development of the children Golden Peak High School has organized the valley-wide inter-school dance competition said sub-Mayer Khadgi.

Senior Vice president of PABSON Mr. Ram K.C. said private PABSON schools every year organize such programmes to save the Nepali culture. On the other hand Valley PABSON, President Thakin Kumar Gurung said this type of programme and competition plays a vital role in the globalization of Nepalese culture. In the programme the president of School management committee Arjun Kumar Khatri wishes his best wishes to all the Nepalese women and thanked all the participants for their performance.

Participants of Teej Dance Competition

Chief Guest of the closing/prize distribution programme, member of the house of Representatives, Ram Kumari Jhakri said Teej is not only the festival of any special caste, community, culture, and religion but also the festival of all Nepalese. She also said that Teej is a source of income for some person and it should not be banned to have parties in party palaces. She also said that 480 girls learned special skills and are empowered. Our tradition and cultural celebration are not negative but the way the celebration and trend of celebration are wrong. To preserve and make them original, the schools should give focus on them from the school level which makes the children responsible and develops the nation.


The grand program was accomplished successfully participating in 29 schools. Some achievements are as below;

  • 488 girls directly took part in dance competitions and more than 1500 Parents, guardians from 30 schools participated in the program.
  •   Facebook live program was conducted whole program time. Program was observed by national to international persons.
  • This program played a vital role to preserve and transform our culture and customs.
  • Near about 500 girls students got the opportunity to enhance their capacity and empower themselves.
  • Good relations among 30 schools built up through the program.
  • Cultural exchange between Nepal and India has been done during the program time.
  • Certificate for top ten students distributed with the logo of mega bank.


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