We’ve already talked about the 8th Inter-School Basketball Tournament. It is which is going to held on 26th July. Golden peak high school released an immediate press meet.

Moreover, the game is supported by the Nepal Basketball Association. Not only that, the game will be watched closely by their referees to ensure that the rules are followed. Nepal Basketball Association will lookout the game run in a smooth way.

The game is going to be very interesting as our top players are going to compete with other schools’ teams. 24 schools are going to participate in this event. Let me remind you again, there will be a separate league of Junior Boys (4 feet 10 inches)  and Senior Boys Basketball Team. If you are planning to stay home that day, you’re going to miss the amazing game.

Below, we have further information about the Press Meet

Press Meet Release Basketball Tournament

press-meet Basketball tournament

Pressmeeting Basketball Tournament

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