As we all nowadays technology is part of our life. Without technology, the world will be on nightmare. The world is developing because of new technology and advance gadgets to use. It makes the world smaller than we thought. 

Gadgets offer many advantages to the student: Independent on learning things, More learning opportunities, Self-motivation, Communication, etc. However, it has not only positive effects on students but also the negative effects of gadgets on students.

Negative effects come all from the excessive use or misuse of gadgets or technology. The overuse of devices or children addicted to technology/gadgets like tablets, laptops, computers, smartphones, video games, etc. may reduce student’s self-motivation, ability, and interest in learning. It’s unsafe for a student who uses gadgets more than limits.

Gadgets that make children/students stable in one place like video games, smartphones, etc. Parents also found an easy way by giving them gadgets to use and make stable in one place. 

Many students may be thinking about how do I stop being addicted to gadgets. In this article, I’ll be listing some negative effects of gadgets to students and how to prevent gadgets addiction. Let’s hope it’ll help you. 


Gadgets effect on sleep.


Girl having neck pain while sleeping


Children/Students who are gadget addicts and use more than limit may forget there sleeping patterns. The artificial blue light that comes through electronic gadgets may reduce the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin, making students difficult to asleep.

Students who feel difficult to switch off the gadgets late at night may delay their bedtime. It ll be a habit day by day and feels difficult to sleep at night. And make less focus on other things.


Gadgets effect on eyesight.


Kid wearing glasses


Nowadays I see many children are wearing glasses even I also wear glasses from 6th grade. Not all students got weak eyesight, but more time spent from a close distance in front of a screen may feel blurriness on the vision because of the excessive use of electronic gadgets. And also it won’t be comfortable to sleep at night.


Gadgets effect on health


Sick kid using thermometer


The negative effects that children addicted to technology/gadgets may lead you to an unhealthy lifestyle. To much on-screen may lead you to the poor posture or overweight of the body. The children who are addicted to gadgets/video games may forget to drink water, eat food on time, and spend more time at the same place. 

In most of the world’s cases, many children/students are having back pain, neck pain, hand pain, headache, eye problem, and more risk of macular degeneration, which may lead you to blindness. Diabetes, obesity, gas trouble, etc. are also the leading causes of addiction to gadgets.


Gadgets effect on behavior and mental changes


Angry child


Especially children/students spend more time on games. Playing video games can also slow down the brain growth. Students who spend a lot of time on gadgets may become more violent, lose interest in other things of the environment surrounding them, laziness, less interest in other hobbies, and lacking interest in academics. This problem leads children/students to bad personalities.


Gadgets effects on learning things


Child sleeping while reading book


Using gadgets is also a good thing, but the misuse or spending more time on gadgets will reduce the learning ability and other outdoor activity. It makes you sacrifice other learning things and make you feel no time for other things, which is very harmful. Also, Make the student feel difficult to complete their work. It interferes with their study time. Gadgets hurt your internal time management if students are addicted to technology or misuse it.


Gadgets effects on Social 


Alone boy in deep thought


The overuse of gadgets makes the student be far from real-time human connection. Students who were found spending more time on gadgets find themselves losing touch with other real social relationships. They may engage in more online friends than offline friends. They feel uneasy about face-to-face interaction with other people. It makes students feel difficult to face the public. They love to stay alone.



Everything got their benefits and side effects. Also, nowadays, in modern life, technology/gadgets are an unavoidable part. Students may get addicted to but banning them is not the solution. How to control gadgets addiction? Make some rules and limits to use them to make them feel more comfortable to use gadgets. Please don’t misuse the technology, or it may lead you to addiction. 

Make sure to leave your feedback if you agree or things need to be add that you know on the topic what is the negative effect of gadgets on students.

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