At present, the whole world has been badly impacted by the pandemic COVID-19. The schools, colleges, and universities have been shut down all over the world for a couple of months. It made direct classroom teaching-learning activities impossible globally and Nepal is not an exception in this case. In such a situation, virtual/online classes are not optional, but compulsory to continue teaching-learning activities of the students in Nepal. In this connection, the tips for making online classes easy and effective for students are given below.


1. Maintaining good internet connectivity


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Pic: Bidhya Luitel of Golden Peak High School studying from internet during lock down

Maintaining good internet connectivity is the first and foremost step to ensure online classes. You don’t want to get disconnected while the classes are running, do you? You can also e-Shikshya Package being provided by NTC targeting students who want to take online classes in Nepal.


2. Finding a distraction-free room

Pic: Lakshi Chhetri of Golden Peak High School making paper ship during lock down

Place yourself in a room which has no any kind of disturbances from surrounding. It helps you to remain focused during the classes. Surrounding noise can distract you and keep you out of focus. So, try to find out peace and comfortable room at your house while attending online classes.


3. Preparing a comfortable place for study

student of golden peak high school studying at home in lockdown

Source: Suraj Khadka, Student of Golden Peak High School studying at home in lockdown

Prepare a comfortable place for your routine online class. Have a proper desk and chair and don’t forget to maintain your posture. On-time exposure on-screen might harm your eyes so better take short breaks from the screen and drink water during the sessions. Keep the reading desk clean and organized. It gives you the motivation to study and remain focused. Collect all the necessary stationary nearby you that need to be accessed frequently.


4. Maintaining regular routine for classes

Pic: Jessica of Golden Peak High School studying during lock down

Regular classes need time to prepare, get ready, and reach school, etc. However, none of these things need to be taken care of during online classes. So you have more time to concentrate on studies and remain focused. Utilize this time properly but do not be too hard on yourself as well. Maintain a proper schedule relative to your school’s routine and follow properly.


5. Paying full attention to the instructor/facilitator

Pic: Bidhya Luitel of Golden Peak High School paying full attention to the teacher during online class

Paying full attention to the instructor/facilitator is very important while taking online classes. You should be totally focused and take online classes as seriously as real classes.


6. Asking help from your instructor/facilitator

Pic: Bhawana of Golden Peak High asking questions to teacher during her online class

If you are facing any problems regarding the subject topic or even have any general queries, don’t hesitate to ask your teacher. Don’t get shy if you don’t know how to submit assignments online or join online classes. Your instructor/facilitator will properly guide you. You can also ask for help with any seniors at home.


7. Punctuality in taking classes and submitting assignments within the deadline

Pic: Jayanti Adhikari of Golden Peak High School doing homework during lock down

Try to be punctual and attend the class at the specified time. This will make life easier both for teachers and students. Don’t forget to submit assignments timely since there are accurate measures to track the record of every student in an online classroom.


8. Making notes during the online classes

Pic: Yangjee Sherpa of Golden Peak High School making notes of online class during lock down

It is better if you note down important things in your notebook during the classes. It helps you remain concentrated during class hours and remain more focused. Also, you can use these notes to enhance your learning after the classes.


9. Limiting social media

Pic: Vivan Gurung of Golden Peak High School helping parents in vegetable garden

Don’t use any kind of social media for any reason during class hours. You can do it later. Also, keep limitations to your activities regarding using your social media. No one wants to see you getting addicted to the virtual world and ruining your health and career.


10. Taking short breaks and drinking water frequently

                                                     Pic: Passang of Golden Peak High School studying from internet during lock down

Don’t forget to take short breaks and drink water frequently. Take care of yourself and your family members.















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