The term ‘child’ or ‘children’ is biologically explained as a young human being at the stage of birth between the developmental period’s legal age. A child’s habit is a sign of keeping children active the entire daily routine/ schedule comfortably and naturally. 

Physically, children are those active and creative human beings whose energy and imagination are supercharged from the moment they wake up. Mentally, they want to learn, experience new things from their parents interestingly and eagerly. So, it is also crucial for parents to listen to their children.

When parents used to take the child to a park or a fun picnic, they waited those days until the pandemic stop. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the government has locked the country for safety. We all are stuck at home. For kids, they are not going to stop with the free time they got. They need all the more exciting activities to be busy. If they do not have exciting activities, they may get bored or irritable.


Some Tips on how to keep kids active at home during a lockdown:


1. Keep the child organize and entertained.




As we all know, children need boundaries and structure. Make a schedule to keep a routine during this time. So, they can keep themselves well organized. Getting entertained is a great way to fill the hours when going outsit is not an option. From building dancing, laughing, and cooking and keeping children active and busy doing something fun in the manner is the best way to fill and slide the time.


2. Keep child learning together.




Schooling is disrupted (paused) for this pandemic situation. It is more difficult for many children to keep up with thor education. Whether online or homeschooling, using fun, smart ways at home to learn alongside continued access to educational opportunities will support your Kid’s development with the teacher’s guidance and parent too by leaving together.


3. Keep child inventive.




Staying at home can make us dull, and brains need challenges and opportunities to grow. Keep the child’s minds alert, and interested by organizing time, activities to encourage their creativity. All these activities, such as drawing, painting, coloring, etc., will keep them busy and even learn something extraordinary.


4. Manage child fears and concerns.




This pandemic time is a worrying time for all and kids too. In this situation, the Kid particularly needs help and resources. Parents are coping with many worries and fears right now because of the child stressed, nervousness, and living in close exhausting quarters. So, in this case, keep them calm, help them by coping with their problems. Manage the excellent advice to concern with childhood fears and anxiety.


5. Keeping children active and busy.




Physical activity is essential for child health and well-being. We can do many things at home to stay active and have fun by keeping children active and busy helping out family activities like cleaning, dusting, etc.


6. Keep the child healthy, eating, and exercise.




Kids need healthy eating to grow and develop. A healthy eating habit is essential than ever right now as they need to maintain their immunity. Keep a balance with little physical exercise. Exercise together to stay active, even when indoors.


7. Arts and Crafts session.




A child should be encouraged to do various art and crafts sessions. This activity will keep them engaged for hours and inspire creativity for a long time.


8. Watch movies and let them help you.




Allow the family to have some screen time together that will be enjoyed by everyone. Pick movies that kids want to watch. If a child wants to help you let them take part in some work around the house, or wants to explain the character about movies when you are not getting, let them in their way to explain to you and enjoy with them in this way. They will have concentration and know about the story.


9. Play with child and Yoga




They are exciting activities like board games, building blocks, puffets, toys, etc. that can keep the child busy and active for hours. On the other hand, Yoga keeps both body and mind fit. Yoga is an excellent reliever of stress and anxiety. Yoga plays a vital role in keeping children active, focused, balanced, and positive.


10. Cooking and gardening.




Every child should get to know the basics of cooking. Children can be participants for learning about how to cook and prepared. Grooming the garden, planting seeds, and watching them growing into plant/a big tree gives a child a sense of purpose and social responsibility. A child will learn new experiences and have a better mood by involving in such activities with their parents.


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