International Day of People with disabilities is an international observance promoted by the united nation since 1992. It is observed on December 3rd every year. This day is all about promoting the rights and well-being of people with disabilities at every level of society and development. It is observed to raise awareness of the situation of people with disabilities in all political, social, economic, and cultural spheres of life.

International Disability Day has been conceptualized so that we can all think about how we can create an ideal society that is inclusive and caters to everyone’s needs. Did you know that 15 percent of the population across the world has some form of disability? This accounts for around one billion people! That’s astonishingly a very high figure. While we have taken some great strides forward in terms of accessibility and ensuring that disabled people can live as great a life as possible, there are still steps that need to be taken. On this day, we are encouraged to think about how we can create a community that is democratically inclusive of everyone.

This day also gives us the perfect opportunity to further our knowledge and awareness about disabilities. There are multiple types of disabilities, which can fall into 21 different categories. This includes mental illness, intellectual disabilities, hearing impairments, blindness, and more. It is helpful to learn about these conditions so that we know how we can assist anyone who is living with a disability.

Persons with disabilities have rights equal to all citizens, including fundamental basic human rights. Stigma against differently abled people should be condemned and discouraged The Act that ensures the equality and humane approach to the differently abled people gives them the opportunity to lead their lives like other people without facing any obstacles.

Last but not the least, I would like to say that “People with disabilities (different abilities) do not need to be fixed; they need to be appreciated for who they are”

Happy World’s Disability Day!

Mingma Doma Sherpa

Grade: 9

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