World Hepatitis Day is a significant day observed annually on 28th of July to raise awareness and commemorate moment on the reflection of our accomplishments and advancements in fight against viral hepatitis-A, B, C, D, E. Additionally, it is a chance to discuss the shortcomings and needs in our initiatives to eradicate these illnesses as a public health issue. World Health Organization (WHO) has marked this day as one of 11 public global health campaigns.

Over 350 million people worldwide are affected by viral hepatitis. Acute hepatitis related illnesses and persistent infections that lead to liver cancer and cirrhosis claim lives of many individuals every year. The primary factor causing chronic hepatitis B and C is liver cancer. In some countries due to inadequate supply of vaccine death and suffering rate is even higher. The main matter of concern is people currently suffering with hepatitis are not aware of their own health status. To reduce magnitude of scale of hepatitis, every year it focuses on a specific theme and likewise bring it into action. The theme of year 2023 is “We’re not waiting”. This theme will continue to intensify efforts to exterminate hepatitis every single time. With treatment, diagnosis and awareness people are escorting changes in communities, people and own lives.

The education on mitigating factors of hepatitis should be put into curriculum so that students can get more information about it at young age. People must be conscious that it may be transmitted sexually, through syringes or razors. This is a serious life taking illness so efforts to fight against hepatitis should be done united worldwide.

‘We only have one life’

Shriya Khadgi

Shriya Khagdi (Grade 10)

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