“Every creature has the right to live in this world.”

World Tiger Day’ is also known as ‘International Tiger Day’ is a global tiger day, is an annual celebration to raise awareness regarding the conservation of tigers all over the world. It is celebrated on 29th July every year with the main objective of generating public awareness regarding protecting and saving natural habitats of tigers to support tiger conservation issues. This year, 2021, people all over the world are celebrating International Tiger Day with the theme: “Their survival is in our hands”.

The tiger, one of the most magnificent and strongest animals in the world, is also one of the most endangered animals at present. The tiger has become the image for the protection of all its species on the earth since it is at the top of the food chain. The tiger, an apex predator, an indicator of our ecosystem’s health. But tigers are hunted illegally in different parts of the world.

Tigers are mainly hunted for fur on their body parts, which can be used in traditional Chinese medicine and also in other things. Animal preservation agencies report that tigers are still being hunted even inside national parks of different countries, however, there are strict rules against hunting tigers. Different types of agencies and organizations are working on the preservation of wild lives including many endangered animals like tigers.

World Wildlife Fund is one of the examples of an association that works to protect or save tigers along with other wild animals. Such types of associations do the arrangement for protecting tigers and also, they prevent deforestation because deforestation is the major cause of the destruction of the habitat of tigers.

In my opinion, we have to act without delay to save or conserve tigers by saving their habitats. For this purpose, we need to expand forests by reducing deforestation and increasing afforestation. Illegal poaching of tigers should be stopped. Public awareness should be raised regarding the importance of preserving tigers. The agencies working in the sector of wild animal preservation should act effectively to preserve wild animals along with tigers. As a result, we can save endangered animals along with tigers on the earth


Abhisika Rai

Aabiska Rai

Grade: 10

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