It’s a dream of every good teacher to be the favorite one of his students. But some teachers are as scary as hell. Students often get scared when they find out their teachers are anywhere near them. But no good teacher wants that. The growth of a student is faster in a calm and friendly environment rather than a scary one.

So, to be the favorite teacher of your students do try maintaining the following guided secrets:

1. Understand student’s psychology and act accordingly

psychology of student

Every student and every human being is different on its own. They have different natures and speed of learning. They might differ in opinion and understanding. Trying to expect the same from all results can be both frustrating for teachers and students.

Being a good teacher, you need to understand that not all the students are smart. Some of them require special attention and teaching techniques. It would be best if you never got irritated when any students do not understand what you are teaching. Instead, it would be best if you tried adapting different teaching methods. If students can understand the subject matter properly in their classroom, they get encouraged to attend the calls of that particular teacher.

Meanwhile, if the class is boring and not fruitful, there will be no focus in the classroom. So, being a good teacher you can provide your students about how to they can focus more on studies. A teacher needs to understand the psychology of each of his students and act accordingly. Students are prone to like such teachers, and in no time, you will be their favorite teacher.

2. Treat all students the same and make them feel unique about themselves

a good teacher treating all his students equallyThis step is the most essential one. Never make students feel that they are getting biased. It will make them hate you, at least the one who feels he is getting biased. Everyone has a different story. Being a good teacher, you cannot pick a favorite student and keep favoring him. This activity can severely affect a child’s psychology. You have to treat all of them equally. When you give equal attention to every single, you will be equally loved by all.

3. Never punish or threaten them.

teacher scolding students which is not a trait of a good teacherMost of the teachers punish and threaten their students for every single activity. Students are often penalized for not completing the homework or for not being attentive in the classroom. But this will do more harm than good. It will set a kind of fear or threat about the teacher, and the student can never be open to his teacher. Let alone being the favorite teacher; your students would even fear to see you around.

So, please try being soft and understanding why your students didn’t complete their homework and why they are not giving attention in the classroom. Sometimes forgiving can be the best action you can take as a teacher. Your students will mark you as their favorite teacher if you do not appear as a threat to them.

4. Try involving students in extracurricular and recreational activities.

two children playing happilyStudents get super excited when they come to know that they do not have to attend classes. So, sometimes you can divert topics from your regular classes to break the monotonous routine. Instead, you can do some entertaining chores like telling stories, taking students outdoors to play games, taking them for field visits, organizing fun activities in the classroom, etc.

Such activities activities will keep your students super excited about you entering the class and surprising them with recreational activities. Don’t make these activities too stuffed as well because this will make them feel worthless, and it might also disturb your syllabus. However, organizing such fun events at a specified interval will keep your students super excited for your presence.

5. Don’t be too much syllabus focused.

teacher teaching his students in a classroomDon’t get too focused on completing the syllabus. Some teachers are always in a rush to complete the course syllabus. They try finishing the course in just a few months and start revising the content again and again. While this might help students score more GPA in your subject, they will lose interest in your question and you as well.

Try breaking the syllabus in a tentative time and involve recreational stuff, as we have mentioned above. Stop making your students feel like a decade long old teacher who is utterly dull and lifeless. This will not just help students love you more, but you, too, will enjoy his way of teaching for sure.

6. Try to teach creatively.

a good teacher trying to teach world map creatively in a big globeTry to be creative while teaching. Don’t just rot things out of a book and teach students. The more creative you get, the better your students can learn. You can make PowerPoint presentations, indulge students in several practical projects, take them for field visits and show them how things work, make them perform drama, make students recite conversations with role play, etc.

You can get dozens of such creative ideas all over the internet. This will make your class very interesting and will be the best teacher of your students.

7. Appreciate and encourage your students for their progress

thumb with smiley drawnMaintain a habit of appreciating your students. You may not know, but even the slightest of appreciation motivated them to a more significant extent. They will put more effort into impressing you to get recognition. It will not only improve the performance of your students in your subject but also increase interest over you as well.

8. Try maintaining relations even outside school.

a good teacher trying to connectto his student even after schoolA good teacher talks to his students softly, even outside the school. Please do not give them a frowning look when you see your students outside of their homes. You might not know, but most of the teachers do it. They try to act very strictly and scold their students wherever they find one. Sounds very funny but it’s right in many schools, especially in villages.

A good teacher never do these activities. Try to speak nicely to your students, even outside the school. It will make tighter teacher-student bonds.

9. Be a role model for your students.

smiling teacher in black dressStudents always look up to their teachers. Teachers are the ones who teach them life. The best teacher can himself be a perfect role model. Be the person your student wants to reflect. Make them feel, “I will try to be like my teacher when I grow up.” It will increase your respect in their eyes and make them love you more.

10. Try to give emotional support to your students.

good teacher councelling his student in playgroung to not be sadIt’s sometimes necessary that you give your students emotional support. With the growing phase, they get emotionally stuck in so many places. It can be anything starting from pure friendship to a serious relationship or any trauma they are suffering from bullying and all.

Your little help will make your students feel unique about you for life long. Try to understand them, or you can sometimes cause an approach yourself. They will feel comfortable to share things with you. A good teacher teaches courses from not only the syllabus but also the lessons of life.

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