Human beings have right to live their life with freedom and security but there are many problems which strip them off of their individual freedom and security and one of them is human trafficking. So, what is human trafficking? Human trafficking is the illegal trade of human beings for the domestic slavery, prostitution, beggars, factory workers, etc. It is alarmingly one of the most diabolical burning issues in the world at the moment. Mostly women and children are the victims of human trafficking.

Human trafficking is a global issue which is increasing day by day. The International Labor Organization (ILO) estimates that there are 40.3 million victims of human trafficking globally. So, why is this increasing day by day? Is this just because of greediness? Have we forgotten our common human ground? The answer isn’t that easy and straightforward, however, except this there are many causes of human trafficking such as political instability, and mostly people are trafficked during war and disasters, rampant poverty and illiteracy and many more. In Nepal, it is estimated that 1, 50,000 to 2, 00,000 Nepali women and girls are trafficked to Indian brothels each year. And they are sold for other works too. So, this is the time to be safe from human trafficking and to gain control over it. And mostly students should make people aware of its root contributing factors and its dire consequences and provide them some knowledge about the human trafficking by running some awareness campaigns to educate them not to be engaged in such criminal activities and to discourage this wicked inhumane practice.

At last, human trafficking should be controlled and people should be aware of the responsibilities they need to be concerned about in order to eradicate this global disease. We all need to walk hand in hand demonstrating a human solidarity to achieve a common goal of curbing this universal evil.

Anjali Sharma

Grade: 10

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