“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.”
– Michelle Obama

International Women’s Day is observed worldwide on March 8th every year. It’s a day when everyone honors, loves, and respects women. One of God’s gorgeous creations is believed to be women. All great individuals were taught their first lessons by women, and it is a fact that all great personalities were conceived in a woman’s womb. And for that reason, people treat women with the respect they deserve.
The concept of International Women’s Day was first conceived at a period of intense protest and discussion among women about oppression and inequality in the early 1900s. International Women’s Day (IWD) is a global holiday celebrated annually on March 8 as a focal point in the women’s rights movement, bringing attention to issues such as gender equality, reproductive rights, and violence and abuse against women. Also, the day celebrates the remarkable work carried out by women all around the world to uphold women’s rights and foster a more equitable society. The main goal of International Women’s Day is to raise awareness of the fact that each person must make an effort of their own to change the negative aspects of society and further to help women recognize their value and encourage them to reach their full potential. Women’s Day also honors the roles of women as mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, and homemakers. On this day, people all across the world get together to honor their courage in overcoming all obstacles and making such significant advancements in nearly all aspects of life.
Women in the current day no longer rely on men. She is as capable of accomplishing everything as men and is independent and self-assured in every way. Also, we should respect each of them for their unique identities rather than their gender. Furthermore, we must acknowledge that men and women make equal contributions to improving the household and society. Women are the source of life. And every woman is exceptional, whether she works from home or an office. They are changing the world around her, and more significantly, they are essential to creating a home and raising children. It is our duty to respect and celebrate the women who are succeeding in their own lives as well as the lives of other women and those around them. In addition, campaigns, a large uptick in International Women’s Day celebrations everywhere, as well as several other projects and days dedicated to women, all seek to further the liberation of women.
There is a widespread misconception in society that issues related to women’s empowerment can only be dealt with at an incredibly slower rate. There are many people in society who think the gender gap doesn’t genuinely exist, and some who think that no amount of personal effort can really make a difference to the gender gap that exists in society. Over time, these ideas have diminished women’s power. Realizing that the problem can only be identified and treated by dealing with people who are genuinely illogical norms of the society is the first step in this endeavor to eradicate this deeply ingrained threat. On this day, we must understand that every person’s effort counts in the fight against societal threats. The day honors the voices that are silenced, the rights that are suppressed, and the unseen tears. Millions of women around the world still struggle desperately to defend their rights or are completely mute. Even now, discrimination and inequality are still rampant, especially in developing and underdeveloped nations. Furthermore, a number of resolutions to defend women’s rights have been adopted on a global scale, opening up more opportunities for women to advance and thrive in our society.
In conclusion, it is good to have a day to honor women’s accomplishments. Therefore let’s honor the importance of women in our lives and on society on this International Women’s Day and encourage them to achieve even more in the future. given that they can make equal contributions to the household, society, and country.

Ismriti Yonghang
Grade IX

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